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I have a B.A. in Art with a minor in Graphic Design from Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana. I now work as the Graphic Designer for Goshen College. I also spend much of my time creating the works shown here (a number of my pieces are displayed at Found in downtown Goshen) and doing freelance artwork.


I specialize in watercolor, but many of my current fine art pieces combine skills of photography, drawing, and painting. For these pieces, I begin with a photograph, which I manipulate on the computer. I print out the modified photograph on watercolor paper and draw on top of the printed photograph with an archival, fine-tip, black pen. I then stretch the paper, which involves soaking it in water and letting the printer ink run off, leaving behind slight shadows and a green tone. I then paint using watercolor washes, and add finer color details with more watercolor and gouache. This results in a unique combination of color (provided by the watercolor washes) and detail (provided by the pen markings).


Some of the pieces on this site are for sale, and I am happy to take commissioned work in either Fine Art or Graphic Design. I can create fine art pieces based on a particular subject: your house, a favorite landscape view, your pet, a portrait of your child, etc. Because this style of art begins with a photograph, I can even turn any photo into an art piece. I also regularly design posters, programs, logos, and invitations. Please contact me with any orders, requests, or questions!